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Kevin and Amy Married – Tofino and Nanaimo Museum Wedding

Wow, what a way to end our season. I’ve known Amy for a long time now and I was very very excited to be part of her big day. As she started explaining what she had planned, I knew we were in for something special….

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Kevin and Amy’s Photobooth – Nanaimo Museum

We attended a very amazing wedding this weekend (which I will post later). Part of that event was a photobooth at the Nanaimo Museum. These things are always crazy! You can find all the images here: http://prints.brawns.ca/Plantz-Tellier/Photobooth – More to come.

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Krissy and Marcus – Married

I think it was the collective wishes of everyone that attended Krissy and Marcus’s wedding that it not rain. We got that wish. Earlier this year, we had the pleasure of shooting their engagement session. This time they gave me the honor of documenting their…

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