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Scott and Chantal Engaged

Scott and Chantal’s engagement session was a first for me; it started in the rain. When we finally decided to call it due to “rain delay”, we reconvened back in Bowen park to finish what we started and I’m glad we did. Then we moved…

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Shannon and Ashley

I forgot to blog this from last fall, so here they are now! We chose Bowen Park for the leaves and Neck Point Park for the water. I’m looking forward to Shannon and Ashley’s wedding this summer at Tigh-Na-Mara. It’s going to be a fantastic…

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I’ve started a personal project. While I can’t really tell you what it is yet, I can tell you that Nicole is involved. After we were done with the project images, we went for a walk at my favorite park in town. I decided to…

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Tiffany and Randy – Engaged

It’s funny that I write about clients and their connections all the time, however when it comes to my own sisters engagement photos, I draw a blank. Maybe it’s because I have too many things to say. We are looking forward to getting some more…

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Derek and Megan

Just a quick one from a recent session. He has huge heart and she has an infectious smile and laugh.  

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